Amazon Quiz: ‘Ray’ is played by _ in ‘Adulting S3’.

‘Ray’ is played by _ in ‘Adulting S3’.

Guess this player who became the first batsman to cross 10,000 runs in tests?

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‘Ray’ is played by _ in ‘Adulting S3’.

Answer 1 – (A) Yashaswini Dayama

Question 2 of 5

‘Adulting S3’ is a story about two young women trying to handle their responsibilities in _.

Answer 2 – (B) Mumbai

Question 3 of 5

Aisha Ahmed appeared as____ in ‘Adulting S3’.

Answer 3 – (C) Nikhat Rizvi

Question 4 of 5

Adulting S3′ is available only on___.

Answer 4 – (C) Amazon miniTV

Question 5 of 5

How much do I have to pay to watch ‘Adulting S3’ on miniTV?

Answer 5 – (D) It is FREE

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